Stand up as a Mason

Bro. Chairman. W. Bro. Steven Martin, Worshipful Master, Chinguacousy Lodge, M.W. Bro, Ronald Groshaw, Past Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Thomas Hogeboom, Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. John McLaughlin, District Deputy Grand Master, Toronto West District, Newly Elected and appointed Members of Grand Lodge, and all brethren. Brother Senior Warden Matthew Regina, members of Chinguacousy Lodge, … Read more

The Wages of an Entered Apprentice

The Wages of an Entered Apprentice by: William Harvey, J.P. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; Pres. Dundee and District R.W.M.’s and P.M.’s Assn.; Provincial Grand Bard of Forfarshire; M.M. Stirling Royal Arch, No. 76 ; Hon. Mem. Caledonian Dundee, NO. 254; R.W.M., Progress Dundee, No. 9s7, 1914-.6; Charter Mem. Dundee St. Mary … Read more

Vision, Vitality, and Vigilance

Vision, Vitality, and Vigilance R.W.Bro. Adriaan de Vries, Guest Speaker at Grand Lodge Night, Chinguacousy Lodge No. 738 on July 24, 2017 As a young boy growing up in Montreal, I remember taking the bus downtown along Sherbrooke Street on my way to my piano lesson and every week I would pass this strange and … Read more

The Short Talk Bulletin: CHANGE

Antiquity cannot privilege an error, nor novelty prejudice a truth. “Change is the one constant and Freemasons have done little to keep pace with change.” That is the conclusion drawn after a year of study by a special task force commissioned by the 2004 Conference of Grand Masters in North America. It is not a … Read more

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